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Преподаватели об английском и не только...


 In a rapidly changing world, new ways and means of acquiring learning are evolving now to meet the demands of a modern society. English as a powerful language have become the most effective tool to better understand people of different cultural backgrounds, transacting international business as well as for specific purposes.

Studying online offers you additional opportunities for interaction with email, discussion boards and chat rooms. Enabling you to communicate with your personal tutor and thereby enchancing the learning experience. It’s interactive with immediate correction of the exercises.

You can progress at your own pace and enhancing learning by receiving personal support from qualified English language teachers. All you need is a computer with multimedia capabilities to access your study materials, tutors and fellow students wherever and whenever you choose!

So what are you waiting for? Start learning now at your home and become the top caliber English speaker throughout the world.


Throughout the history of time many thousands of different languages have come into existence some of which are now completely extinct, not a word to be spoken again. In today's modern world there still exists many thousands of languages, although only a few select dialects have much strategic gain in modern society. The English language has evolved to become the most major universally used International language spoken throughout the world giving communicative understanding to people from many different races and cultures and bridging gaps between the known and the unknown. The importance of obtaining the use of the English language has been widely recognized for many years. Many countries and cultures have adopted the English language in their schools and encouraged children and students of all ages to obtain a firm grasp on the English language with the intent to succeed in today's vastly competing world. The ability to learn and succeed by expanding one's own English vocabulary has now reached the world's major populace and has never been easier. With high paced technology bound networks and the current speed and efficiency of the ever-expanding Internet to date, one has the ability to learn at the touch of a button. Whether young or old, male or female, one now has the ability and ease to harness and enterprise on what could forever, be a life changing experience.

Wes Buchanan

Online English the Future of Learning English

As we can see today, learning English as been an important part of everything we do today.  I've been teaching ESL English for 9 years and spent my last 4 years teaching online and I will say that teaching online is alot easier than teaching a classroom.  The 1 on 1 gives more attention to the students needs and wants.  Here are some reasons why I think it's better.

  First of all it is more convenient.  These days lots of people are working, studying or just busy with their own personal lives.  We find it hard to get to a class to learn without have to make a sacrifice of something else that will get in the way.  With online teaching, you can choose the time that is suited for yourself along with the teacher.  The only problem would be timezone differences since the student and teacher are from other parts of the world.  But part of what English Natalia is good for is allowing the teacher and student to communicate with each other to set the time.  That way it allows the student to practice some more with their communication. 

 Second, learning English.  Everyone has their own ways of learning English and has their own interest of what they want to learn.  The only ways students can learn is by finding things are interesting to them and at the same time feel that they have something taught from the teacher.  Articles from current news such as yahoo news is a perfect example of everyday common English.  It allows students to ask questions to the teacher about vocabularies and expressions they are not familiar with.  It also works pronunciations and discussions about the topic that is talked about.  Whether it is in fiance, business, health or just anything in general, students are going to feel much better knowing something more each time they take a class with their teacher.   Textbooks are good ways to learn if it is just general English that students wants to learn and watching short clip videos of English TV shows will help increase listening skills.  Music is always a powerful message sent to anyone around the world.  Having students follow the lyrics to a song and talking about it afterwards about what it means because music is like poetry.  There is never a wrong or right answer and can carry a nice long communication towards one another.   

  Sometimes we as teachers and students will have a hard time finding out the word or trying to explain the word we want to say in English. is a great tool to talk about it and see what is it that we are trying to explain. 

 Overall, the way online English is being taught, we as teachers can get our sources right away without having to research the materials ahead of time because we never know what students are going to ask or need to learn when they enter the class.  Choosing the time you want to learn and teach is right infront of your computer screen. Online information has never been easier with a click of a button we can find the resource we are looking for within seconds.  So at least we are prepared and ready to give the students what they want.  This is the different from my personal experience of teaching in an online  classroom compared to a classroom. 

John Trinh

ESL English Teacher of www.english-

 Online Education

In this day and age, where technologies are very much advanced, everything is almost accessible anytime and anywhere, including online education. As a result of people’s busy life, more people are turning to online education to obtain accelerated degrees to further improve their skills needed in their fields of work. Students are now resorting to take online courses because of their erratic schedules; others prefer it because it’s economical. Others find it very effective because they get to learn from their teacher one-on-one through the use of internet medium and webcam. They find the learning experience to be very successful because they get to have personal connection with their teacher, making them comfortable to ask questions and collaborate, resulting to a clear delivery of information. Unlike in the traditional classroom setup, some students just sit in the classroom not making any effort to participate and communicate because they are either lazy or shy or maybe just not interested to learn the lesson. In the end, the student still end up finishing the course, not really getting the essence of the course which they enrolled in.
Online education offers a lot to students, including flexibility, students can choose a wide variety of schedule that best fits their availability. They get to have the content of the subject tailored according to their needs. Learn and read lectures and even take exams from the comfort of their home. No traffic to beat and students can even wear their most casual clothing, unlike in the traditional setup wherein students have to consider a lot of things like adjusting to the school’s fix schedules, availability of the subject and a lot more.
This setup now is what we can call evolution. The learning experience and the way people wanted to learn and the availability of the materials simply just evolved over the internet thus giving us all to a choice to choose between traditional and modern methods of learning.

July Simara

Why do I like to teach online??

There are advantages and disadvantages of studying and teaching online but as we observe Education in this generation, Education can now be obtained not only from within the four walls of the classroom. With our online education, you will gather information about the top how-to video sites that cover topics about just anything you want to know. Even tutorials are now becoming more of online activities rather than face to face encounters. Online Education is the easiest way to study not only English but all kinds. It’s also a big help for students who are not able to go to school and study. It is even more convenient for teachers who have children to teach online rather than commuting going to the working place/ office.

Do you want to speak English?

Online Education is a way of dispensing knowledge anywhere. It is truly about students convenience. Students can attend a course at anytime. Learning English online is one of the best curriculum being offered around the world.
As an Online Instructor, I will teach you how to learn the English Language online in structured online English courses focusing on fluency and confidence in communication via virtual classroom. If you have problems conversing or speaking let me help you practice your conversation with English.
I want to help students acquire knowledge of the fundamentals that will allow them to think logically, clearly and independently in order to prepare themselves for the future.

Sharon Rafael

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