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Онлайн уроки английского по скайпу с носителем языка

Можно сколько угодно слушать аудио и смотреть видео, но по-настоящему выучить язык поможет английский с носителем языка. Занимаясь с преподавателем-иностранцем по скайпу, вы можете постигать тонкости повседневного общения, изучить лексику бизнес английского, подготовиться к международным экзаменам.

Преподаватели английского по скайпу:

Sam, United Kingdom             
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Hi, thanks for checking out my introduction video. My name is Sam, I´m an english teacher with Za Za Language School. I have been teaching English for 8 yers, 4 of those I taught English online. I have a TEFL certificate, I´m working towards a TEFL business certificate. I also hold a bachlor of science in Geography and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education both from British Universities. I teach general english, I teach conversational English, bussiness English, English for special purposes and I can also teach exam preperation as well. I belive one of the barriers to speaking Engish is confidence, I speak Spanish, I learnt Spanish on my own and I use my Spanish every day, this is why I feel that if we can get over the issue of confidence then you will be using your language better in no time, so why don´t you come and have class with me and we can talk about this further, okay?

Emmanuelle, Canada           
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Hello! My name is Emma and I'm from Canada. I work for Zaza Language School. I hold a TESOL certificate and I have 7 years of experience teaching English. I can teach all levels of English. I can teach general English, business English or I can help you prepare for exams. If you need to improve your English to get a job, if you want to travel or even if you just want to improve your conversation skills, I can prepare a program that will help you reach your goals quickly. I speak 4 languages fluently so I know how interesting and fun it can be to learn a new language. Here at Zaza School you have that opportunity to improve your English skills in a friendly atmosphere. I am sure you will find my lessons interesting, practical and fun at the same time. See you soon!

Nancy, Egypt          
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Hello My name is Nancy, I work at Zaza on-line school. I am an English and Arabic instructor and an on-line teacher. I have long experience of teaching English and Arabic as a second language. I hold TESOL certificate, also I am a freelance translator. I love teaching, because it’s the way the makes me help people reach their goals and help me to get to know new people, new cultures. My aim is to support students to improve their language skills and gain confidence in Speaking. I look forward to meeting you!

Annet, UK
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My name is Annete, Bachelor of Education Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language has supplied me with the necessary tools when designing unit and lesson plans,and working with adults and children in variety of group sizes.My education is further complimented by my internship experience at Andragoški Zavod;I tought ESL to children in grades 3 and 4.During this practicum I was able to teach and motivate students through role playing,class presentations on topics of interest,and disscussion and conversation groups. A few years ago I served as a volunteer in Slovenia where I tought English as a foreign language in a small rural-area school.Given the limited resources and demanding environment,I was able to test my teaching skills daily while demonstrating initiative,flexibility and creative thinking.During this period, I helped develope an English Language Club which became very popular with both children and parents in the community.I gained exposure to a wide range of educational experiences,such as teacher training and community development. Main education and experience I gained in London,UK,where I have lived for 12 years. Online School has a well-deserved reputation for excellence and I would like to contribute to its continued success..

Mitzi, Brazil         
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Hi, my name is Mitzi, I am Brazilian and I teach English and Portuguese. I work with Zaza Language School. I am a certified teacher and I hold a degree in LETTERS (Modern Languages Portuguese and English), Post graduation in English teaching and 10 years of experience teaching these subjects in local High Schools and Language schools. I am also CELTA and TOEIC certified. I am not a native teacher but I have the experience of learning English in the United kingdom and some years interacting with americans on a daily basis. You can choose me because I have the flexibility to provide extra help you if you are having problems. I also have good time management, I have lots of patience and I always treat students with respect and a friendly attitude. I am reliable, punctual and self motivated. I want to create a very comfortable environment for you so you can learn the language with trust and confidence. I can teach general English, conversation, some business English, to all ages and also help you preparing for International exams. In ZaZa School you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills, Sign up for a demo lesson with me. Hope to see you soon.

Jim, USA
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Hello! My name is Jim Harmon and I’m a teacher with Za Za Language School. I am from the United States, but I am travelling Europe and currently in my second year of a five- year tour. Having lived in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, and currently Romania; I understand the need to learn a secondary language, the need to improve my fluency and pronunciation, and to meet with a Russian native speaker to guide me along this process. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, specializing in Child and Adolescent Development from Southern New Hampshire University in 2016. Acquiring my TEFL certification in 2015 from i-to-i TEFL located within the United Kingdom. With three-years- experience teaching English as a secondary language; I have worked with over 70 adult students and over 2500 Chinese young learners, mostly doing assessment/placement evaluations. Having a background in both professional and academic writing, I am a published author of numerous psychology research and journals, my personal memoirs are published, and am currently writing two books simultaneously. I’d like to be able to help you improve your critical thinking and writing skills if you have this need. I worked in the energy industry as a regional supervisor for 10 years as a private contractor for a multi-million- dollar company in a multi-hundred- billion- dollar international industry. One of my responsibilities was to interview and hire new employees. I know and understand what international companies are seeking in potential employees. I can help develop and write a CV that grabs the attention of potential employers. Also, I can review possible questions that may be asked during an interview process and practice answering these questions with you. I look forward to the opportunity to be your teacher and help you achieve all your goals.

Jordan, UK
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Hello,my name is Jordan Thompson.I am from London England and i'm currently living on the beautiful island of Bali. I have been teaching English online and face to face for over six years. I am TEFL and Cambridge TKT certified. My bright areas are business English,general,kids and job interview preparation. I have taught in colleges and universities in Central America and Indonesia. I now concentrate on online classes and my focus is to try and install as much confidence in to you as possible early on,i believe this is key. I am very patient and i'm always looking for unique ways to improve your English. I am a friendly yet responsible teacher and i'm looking forward to our first class.Enjoy and have a nice day!

Kathy, UK
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Hello, my name is Kathy. I come from England and right now I'm happy to be working for Zaza English School. I have an honours degree in Social Policy and I qualified as a TEFL teacher at Newcastle College. I've been teaching English formally for the last five years. I also have many years of experience in Business and the world of work. As well as teaching general English and IELTs exam preparation, I can also help you with Business English in arears like socialising, politics, interviews, negotiations, meetings and making presentations. Perhaps you want to learn how to express yourself more easily or maybe you want to improve your chatting skills. Whatever your aims are, I'm here to help you. Your English will improve with us and I can help you gain the confidence to use your new language skills in whatever situation you need it. You've taken the first step in contacting us, I can help you with the next steps and I look forward to working with you.

Adam, South Africa
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Hi, my name is Adam. I live in Port Elizabeth South Africa, and I am a teacher for English-Natali. I am a qualified Graphic Designer and I also hold a TEFL qualification too. I have extensive experience in teaching Business and General English and I’ve also taught students face-to-face in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, where I lived for one year. Furthermore, I have knowledge and experience in helping students to prepare for IELTS and TOEFL examinations as well. As a teacher for English-Natali, I enjoy working with students of any background and I am willing to adjust my methodology according to the student’s needs and learning style. For business English I am able tailor make any lesson to suit your professional background, making sure that YOU are comfortable to approach your daily-work life challenges with all the necessary tools for development. So, please attend one of my lessons and we will discuss the best option to reach you goals and achieve English fluency.

Amanda, USA 
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Hello! My name is Amanda, I am an American educator who recently worked in France as a middle school English language teaching assistant with the TAPIF program. In addition to my current teaching experience in France, I previously studied for a semester at l'Université Catholique de l'Ouest while completing my Bachelor’s degree in French Language, Literature, and Culture at Illinois State University. I then completed a Master’s degree in Linguistics at Northeastern Illinois University in May 2015, where my Master’s thesis examined the influence of gender equality on the use of binomial pairs in both English and Spanish languages. I received my TEFL certification in 2016. I am a native speaker of American English with a C1 level of French and an A2 level of Spanish. I have a broad range of experiences teaching and tutoring students in a variety of instructional settings. I have specific background with second-language instruction. I have been working as an online English language instructor since March of 2017.

Steve, USA
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Hi, my name is Steven. Меня зовут Steven. I am a native speaker of English from the USA. I am a serious language professional that has received formal instruction in Russian and Spanish. I have also studied Swedish at Folkuniversitet in Stockholm, Sweden, and completed three years of Japanese. This is why I know the challenges you may face when learning another language. I have a TEFL-TESOL English Teacher Certification and a General Business Certification. I have experience in one-to-one classes online as well as teaching groups. Learning Business English? We can cover topics on Business Writing, Finance, Marketing, Contract Law, or even giving Presentations. I have personal experience with incorporating in the State of California and have dealt with business clients around the world. Preparing for IELTS or TOEFL? We can cover what each exam is like, take practice tests, and work on improving your score. In my English lessons we will not only cover grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking but also Functional English. Idioms, or everyday slang words and collocations can make you sound like a true native speaker of English. Visual aids and diagrams can greatly enhance your learning experience. We can use online collaboration tools such as Schedule me for a demo lesson at your convenience, I can accommodate you in your timezone by staying flexible in my availability. .

Matt Robens, UK
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Hello, my name is Matthew Roberts and I am a tutor for English Natali School. I am from Yorkshire, England where I own a little bed and breakfast. I have been teaching English as a foreign language for 11 years. For 10 years I firstly lived and worked in China, then in Seoul, South Korea. Now that I am back in England I have been teaching online for just over 1 year. I have a degree in Media Production (making TV shows, things like that) and a TEFL Certificate. I’ve taught all ages and all levels. I have taught general conversation, business English, pronunciation practice, grammar, writing and so on. I look forward to talking to you and helping to improve your English. Bye for now.

John, South Africa
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My name is John and I have been teaching English as a second language since acquiring a TESOL certificate in 2009. I began my career as a face-to-face English teacher and then went on to teaching students online. I have taught students of all ages and various professional backgrounds. I have also helped students to prepare for important events, including job interviews and exams. I am currently living in Cape Town, South Africa and like to spend my time outdoors when possible. I also enjoy reading, watching movies and listening to music. I enjoy teaching English because it gives me the opportunity to help others achieve their goals.

Diana, USA
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Hello, I am Diana, a 35-year-old qualified English teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I hold a Bachelor's degree in English language and literature. During my teaching career, I have been working with both children and adults. I have done a great number of Business English courses and conversation courses tailored to suit the needs of my students. I have also prepared students for Cambridge Exams and TOEFL and IELTS. In case you are a young learner, our lessons will be interactive, creative and interesting. I strongly believe that students should feel relaxed and unpressured when learning a language. Our lessons will incorporate all language aspects – grammar, vocabulary, development of your speaking and listening skills. As much as it is important to learn grammar, it is also important to be able to apply it and use it in real-life conversations. If you are an adult learner and you need a course in Business English, we will first identify your exact needs and I will build our course around that. Maybe you need to practice your conversational skills before traveling to a conference, or you have to hold a presentation in English and you would like to go through it with a teacher, or you would simply like to learn how to write a good business email or a business offer in English. Our course will be tailored to suit your needs perfectly. If I had to stress one quality that I possess, that would be patience. My goal is to show you how fantastic learning English can be and for you to feel comfortable using it. That takes times and work but it is definitely worth it in the end. There is almost nothing that makes me happier and more proud than to see my students’ progress with each one of our lessons. I hope you will join my course so that we can embark on this wonderful adventure called learning English!

Juan, South Africa
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Hi, my name is Juan. Welcome to English-Natali Language School. I have studied a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I am also TEFL certified. I have 5 years’ experience teaching English, in the classroom as well as online. I have a passion for written word and verbal communication. I have a good understanding of different learning and teaching styles, in many different students of various ages, from various different countries, in all levels of competency. I have excellent communication skills as well as an understanding of what students are seeking from their lessons. With a good base of experience and knowledge I am able to quickly adapt to any situation or request in a lesson. As an online English teacher, I had both group lessons as well as private lessons. As an online English teacher, I had both group lessons as well as private lessons. On a wide variety of topics and conversation scenarios. I had students of all ages and levels ranging from beginner to advanced, from many different countries.

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Hello, my name is Jeanette and I live in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth South Africa. Although I am originally from Britain I have lived here for many years. I am a qualified online English teacher with a business degree and extensive experience in the corporate world. I teach both general and business English from beginner to upper advanced, formulating lesson plans according to each individual’s needs. I believe that what you learn with pleasure you never forget. I look forward to meeting and helping you to achieve your English goals.

Пройти демо-урок Hello, I am Alexander MacDonald. I was born and grew up in the U.K. I graduated in 1986 having majored in Business Administration. While at University I developed an interest in writing and performing. So naturally, upon graduation I found employment with the B.B.C where I worked for several years as a radio features reporter. My work in radio continued for some years eventually leading to me becoming a station director. However, I felt at the time, that I was steadily removing myself from what I liked doing and so I decided to move out of the business entirely and move into education. In the late 1990's I found myself teaching Media and Communication at Motherwell College. In 2002 I studied for my T.E.F.L certification and in 2003 I moved to Bulgaria. It was while living there that I started a new business, an English language newspaper called 'The Frontier Times'. In 2010 I returned to teaching. Since when I have taught and worked in Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and more recently Turkey. I have taught junior childrens through to post graduates and adult learners. All the while I have been building up my English teaching experience both in mainstream schooling, including International Baccalaurette, as well as 'cram' schools. I like to think that I now know what works and what doesn't. The English language should primarily be learnt through talking and selected reading. I truly hope to share with you my experience and that you will allow me to learn some more, after all that is what life is all about.

Paul Miller, USA
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Hi! I’m Paul. I’m TEFL / TESOL qualified with 2 and half years online teaching experience, and been with English-Natali for 2 years. I’ve taught students from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Italy. I’ve also worked as a TEFL researcher developing programs for Business English and IELTS. I have a Degree and Master’s Degree level post graduate qualification, with several years’ experience in environmental education, and am a published author and qualified and experienced journalist.I specialise in Business English, but also teach adult general English and have taught at all levels. Whilst in Education I’ve taught people of all backgrounds, including CEO’s, Lawyers, Bankers, Stockbrokers and even a Russian English teacher. I deliver a tailor-made curriculum personal to my students which changes to suit the students’ needs. This fast tracks the learning process, from an initial “Demo” assessment / lesson with a Needs Analysis assessment. After the “Demo” I provide a Grammar Synopsis booklet with a simplified breakdown of grammar rules for free. I will set homework if the student requires it. I have experience in many major English qualifications e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, CAE.I see my role as Tutor to also interpret cultural understanding in an unbiased way, and teach both American and British English with equal value in differences in grammar, spelling and synonyms. I enjoy teaching very much and want the student to enjoy it as well, and believe in having a sense of humour in lessons. I like my students to work, but never want them stressed. I feel it’s important that the student is relaxed and enjoys the lesson. Hope to see you, bye!!

Paula, USA

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I am an experienced online English Teacher. I have been teaching English to online students for more than 12 years.. I have taught English to expatriates, company executives, employees, high level government officials, adults wishing to travel abroad, job seekers and students preparing for certificate exams (TOEFL, IELTS, CET etc) I Liberally employed a multi-skills syllabus, which integrated themes, structures, functions, vocabulary, and pronunciation on everyday instruction. Also I included comprehensive grammar presentation and practice to develop all four basic skills of communication (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). I am an extremely enthusiastic and confident person who is extremely adaptable to a versatile working environment and have proven this in my current and previous roles. I possess the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life and have worked in various teaching positions. I am a dedicated educator with strong academic background and excellent Interpersonal and communication skills.I am Proactive, compassionate, resourceful, and creative in rendering instruction to pupils and students. I am a Dedicated, resourceful and innovative instructor who strives to teach anyone in the best way. I also believe in Supporting colleagues ,in facilitating each person’s social and intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication.

Изучение языка с репетитором английского по скайпу

Существуют различные эффективные онлайн уроки английского языка, составленные по различным программам, однако есть некоторые различия в структуре их преподавания. А именно, в том, кто преподаватель английского языка по скайпу — непосредственно носитель языка или русскоязычный педагог. Изучение английского с носителем языка несет в себе общение с другой культурой, знакомит с традициями той страны и, конечно же, обогащает ваши знания тонкостями и оборотами речи. Хотите освоить язык в его «живом» виде — изучайте английский по скайпу с носителем языка. Такую возможность предоставляет школа «english-natali». Курсы общедоступные, интересные, заключают в себе массу полезных сведений. Иностранные языки сегодня пользуются популярностью, в частности знание английского стало едва ли не обязательным условием полноценного общения. Изучать язык с репетитором английского по скайпу — это двойное удовольствие: удобно и эффективно. Курсы по английскому языку организуют сегодня многие образовательные учреждения, но только в нашей школе этот процесс является настолько адаптированным под потребности современного человека. Проходить обучение через скайп, да еще у носителя — это невероятно выгодное предложение. Данная методика протестирована и показала отличные результаты.
Если вам нужны онлайн уроки английского языка с носителем, заходите на наш сайт и выбирайте программу.

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