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English / English online

English online

English online

English-Natali courses help you study English online with the help of the free program Skype.

The uniqueness of English courses online is that:
- You are trained only by the qualified teachers - native speakers with many years of successful experience.
- Our individually designed training programs guarantees fast results.
- Classes are held individually, according to your schedule.
- A freedom of choice and a flexible program!

We offer you a wide range of training programs for any level of knowledge, from "Beginners" to Advanced level. Business English, preparation for interviews in English, preparation for the EGE(The State Examination), help with homework, translating texts, conversational English, Preparation for TOEFL, CAE, FCE, BEC, etc. - all available to you in English-Natali.

Our prices are much more lower than the cost of hiring a tutor or in-school training.

Why is it important to learn English?

The importance of English language today can not be over emphasized. He who knows English language is armed, since it is an international language. Knowing the language increases your value to the employer, it broadens your mind and you can travel round the world.

There is no need to prove why we need to learn English, but rather to figure out the easiest and most effective way to do it.

English online- a new progressive way of learning which is becoming popular. We offer you already tested methods, the best teachers and we guarantee results.

The advantages of studying English online

Who can teach you English better than a native English speaker?  But lessons are very expensive, you need to either pay an English teacher a lot of money or go study English abroad. English online solves this problem.
You have a great opportunity in real time to listen to speech and to pronunciation. You speak with a native speaker and if you want you can see him through a camera. If your level of English does not allow you to communicate effectively and comfortable with a native speaker, we can provide you with a qualified Russian teacher who will teach you English online, until you reach the desired level.
In the Internet, there are different materials that can be used to teach you English online. We suggest online study with a guarantee of results. We provide value for your money. You can find our price list under the heading “Costs”
Another advantage is that you pay for one course, but it can be used by the whole family! English online makes this possible.
The content of a lesson will continue to grow with time and become more complicated. For those of you who would like to test your knowledge of English, apart from with the help of English online, you could also read English newspapers, watch TV and listen to the radio in English so as to hear it live- just the same as what you would hear in English online! Plus our teachers could act as references.

English online- is using your time wisely

Time, today is money, a third of it is wasted on the road, in traffic to meet with a teacher. Forget about traffic, forget about worrying about the weather or the reluctance to go somewhere. Take advantage of our courses and you can study at any time convenient for you. Apart from that an online tutor can teach you while you are at work, at home, in your country house, all you need is a connection to the internet and to go to our website.

We have studying with us mothers, businessmen whose schedule does not allow them to attend a school in person, students studying for an exam, children and even pensioners who can’t afford the usual training. They all value their time that is why they prefer to spend it with their families or doing other important things, and not in traffic or in the underground.

How we selected our staff?

When creating our website English online, we talked a lot with our teachers, and selected those who not only have a good knowledge of English language, but also can effectively teach it in real time, online. They all have extensive teaching experience, including teaching English online.

Our teachers told us that many of our students, travelled to foreign countries, where English was needed, returned home feeling a little confused. This had to with the fact that English taught in secondary schools and institutions of higher education in Russia, is taught in a more old fashioned classical way. However, today there are various new accents, different manners of speaking in English. Therefore, when abroad our students are surprised to find out that their speech is understood by everyone, though people are surprised by it, but that they themselves can’t understand anyone. The fact is that foreigners speak really fast, secondly, they swallow the endings of virtually most words. That is why our students had to learn a new English in a period of a few weeks! Our website allows you to avoid this, and get the necessary experience to learn English online. What is important is to have the desire to learn a language, to master it and to love it and then you will see results!

Who is English online designed for?

English online for children (lessons can start from the age of three while the brain of the child is very susceptible to the new information and the studying of languages). For children of school age, English courses online provide online training for exams that would be a great support and help to school children;
- English online for beginners;
- English online for those who want to test their level of knowledge and define the system of language learning and learn during training, according to their basic knowledge;
- English online for business people. This is for Managers of companies who have to work with English texts and for Managers who need to communicate with foreign business partners and sign with them a contract in English;
- English online intensive course is designed for those who want to learn English in a relatively short time. We accept only those who have a basic level of knowledge of language and can communicate with it;
- There are also specialized English courses online, which are designed for a narrow circle of professionals, according to their profession. Every profession has its own specific terminology, therefore such a course will help learn only the needed material and to be fluent in professional terminology which is very important for conversation with business partners;
- In the near future we plan to start a specialized English course online, designed for teachers. Here we will deal with methodological issues related to language teaching.

We will be glad to answer all your questions, take your requests, suggestions and wishes regarding the development and updating of our site with useful information. Your opinion is very important to us!

English language courses online

Today, without the knowledge of a foreign language you can go nowhere. When applying for a well paid job, the employer is mostly interested in your knowledge of computers as well as your knowledge of a foreign language. Most companies require the knowledge of English language. An adult finds it difficult to find free time to attend English lessons, that is why English courses online is an excellent way to learn a foreign language and get good and fast results. Most importantly is that English lessons online can be conducted at any time convenient for you.

Almost everyone today uses the Internet. To find an English teacher through the global web is no longer a problem – English online is at your service! Search engines work precisely and harmoniously. The costs of English lessons online are different, here you can find very expensive courses and also courses for free. Free courses more often than not are for those who just started to learn English language. It may happen that a student may not like the technique used in studying a foreign language. Every teacher has his own method and you can choose the type of English courses you want online.

How do English lessons online take place? It is simple. You make an agreement with a teacher about a time convenient for the both of you. It is important to note that in order to take advantage of our online English courses you would need to download a program called Skype. Through Skype you can communicate online by talking or writing and you can both see each other. It will feel almost as if you are in a classroom. Another advantage of online courses is that you can study a foreign language anywhere. You can study at home, at work, it depends on you.

Remember that having lessons online is great, but to master a language you will also need to read a lot of books and study regularly. Hands-on learning includes not only writing activities but also a lot of speaking activities. Without practising your speaking you won’t get very far. During the online English lesson, the teacher will talk to you in a foreign language. Naturally, you won’t start speaking from the first day. At first you will write, read, memorize and learn specific grammar and vocabulary items. English courses online will help you in record time to learn a foreign language.

Once you are have enrolled in English courses online, the teacher gives you all the necessary materials for learning the language. Naturally, they will be in electronic form. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right at first, a teacher is needed not only to give lessons. Lessons are in the form of communication between the student and the teacher, and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask and he could revise any past lessons and explain what is not clear.

The beauty of online English lessons is that in spite of where you live, you can study English with a teacher located at another part of the world. Many people have already tested the effectiveness of studying online.

Value your time and money! Sign up for courses through the Internet!

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