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Apply for a Position

We welcome applications for teaching positions. We are looking for English, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chineese, Japanish, French language  teachers

Prospective teachers should send applications to Either way, your application should include the following:


Curriculum Vitae

CVs or resumes should be no longer than two pages and focus on the teaching and other relevant experience. Cover Letter

Please include a one page cover letter explaining why you would like to teach with us and what skills you bring to the organization. Discuss your interest in both teaching in general and teaching in Second Life. The letter should refer to the curriculum vitae and demonstrate how your experience and education supports your application.


A scanned copy of your teaching qualification should be included either as a JPEG, PDF or similar file. Please do not send:


References will be requested at a later stage.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Requirements for Teaching with english-natali

Necessary Qualifications and Experience

English-natali has the following requirements for teachers to ensure that we deliver to our students out of the world classes.

Native Speaker: All our teachers are native speakers of the language being taught. We are unable to make any exceptions. If you are a native speaker of a language we don't yet offer, please contact us to discuss future opportunities.

Qualifications: Our teachers are professionally qualified and a copy of their certificate is available to students in order to assure them of the quality and professionalism of our teaching. Qualifications will usually be a CELTA for English teachers and equivalent certificates for teachers of other languages.

Experience: Our teaching staff have prior experience either in conventional language schools or with online teaching. Teachers are also familiar with Google Docs, online whiteboards and Skype. They are also very comfortable with using blogs, wikis, Google Earth and office suite programs such as Word and PowerPoint.

Passion for Innovative Teaching: Teaching online is an exciting and innovative way to develop the students' language skills. All our teachers share this passion for using web 2.0 tools to enrich the students' learning experience.

Internet Access: Teachers have access to broadband internet and a computer compatible with web 2.0 tools.

How to Start

Please, send your CV  to email

Курсы английского онлайн для детей

Вы преподаватель английского языка но у Вас нет соответствующих знаний и навыков по системе обучения по Skype?

Предлагаем Вам пройти ускоренный  курс английского языка с Носителями,
 который  позволит Вам овладеть техникой и навыками обучения по данной системе.
Курс состоит из 10 уроков с Носителями языка, которые имеют более 3 лет опыта работы  обучения по SKYPE. Стоимость курса составляет 8000 рублей.

Предлагаем Вам подробный план уроков

A 10 session course in Online English teaching

Lesson 1 - Skype and the Demo lesson

The skype basics – how to get the most from skype

What to say and how to behave!

How to assess their level

How to sell a longer course of lessons to a prospective student

Level 2 - Conversation subjects

How to chose appropriate topics

How to elicit more in depth vocabulary from student

How to ensure the student gains the most new vocabulary from a lesson

Lesson 3– Idioms and expressions

How to introduce them

How to explain them

Useful links and tests to check understanding

Lesson 4 – Intermediate level listening materials

Useful links and ideas

What to do with complete lack of comprehension

How to elicit answers

Lesson 5 - Advanced listening materials

How to choose an appropriate video and where to find them

How to make the most of the resource

Writing an exercise to test all skills

Lesson 6- Grammar

How to make online grammar fun!

Useful web links

Grammar as homework

Lesson 7 – Reading and Intonation

Choosing appropriate passages of text

How to develop pronunciation

Discussing intonation and expression

 Lesson 8 - Writing exercises

Ideas for encouraging writing in a predominantly oral environment

Types of exercises

Online correction of written work

 Lesson 9 – Conversation practice for advanced students

How to choose a advanced level subject to challenge

How to extend the students vocabulary

 Lesson 10 – Teenagers and Kids with online work!

Finding child appropriate online resources

How to use regular games in an online form

Using forums of interest as learning tools

Вы получите  Сертификат,  подтверждающий прохождение курсов "Online английского", который позволит обучать студентов при помощи программ видеотелефонии (Skype, Gmail-video и др). 

Далее Вы сможете стать членом Нашей команды, или же продолжить свою карьеру в любой другой языковой online школе.

Заявки на обучение Online Преподавателей присылайте на почту с пометкой "Хочу учиться".
Необходимо наличие хорошей интернет связи, камеры и микрофона.

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